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Duolin Induction Heating Products
Duolin Induction Heating Products
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Induction Annealing

  • Induction annealing is a kind of heat treatment by induction heater, heat a metal to a specified temperature and then cooling at a rate that will produce a refined microstructure. Using Induction heating, metal can be rapidly heated to temperature at controlled an repeated cycles without contacting the metal target, material are usually cooled in open air. The results “soften” the material and make it more easily formed to a required shape. 

    The benefit of annealing with induction heating:  

    1. High production rates 

    2. Less heating area and non continually power need (i.e. oven) 

    3. Save cost due to increased production and reduced labor costs 

    4. Easy to control heating time and temperature 

  • Duolin provide induction annealing solution for wire annealing, pot annealing, tube annealing etc, by our induction annealing machine with a wide range of output power and frequency.