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Duolin Induction Heating Products
Duolin Induction Heating Products
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Duolin Attended 2015 Metal Form Exhibition on 16th —19th September in Shanghai

Oct 21, 2015

Chengdu Duolin Electric CO., LTD is the manufacturer of induction heating machine since 1994.

In the 10th China Metal Form exhibition, Duolin automatic induction forging machine was on shown in our booth, this machine integrates induction generator, inductor (heater), feeding and delivery and water cooling system. 


During exhibition, many customers were interesting in our induction machine, because Duolin induction power supply is only one with IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) inversion and LC series resonance technology. Our induction heating machine with newest technical brings high productivity and energy saving to customers. 

Sales manager are introducing new induction system to customer

Engineer are explaining new technology to customer

During the show, a competition is hold by Chinese Forging industry association, Duolin was awarded as one of the excellent supplier.

Duolin Team at the exhibition

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