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Duolin Induction Heating Products
Duolin Induction Heating Products
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The Features of Induction Melting Machine

Jan 19, 2016

As a professional induction heating equipment supplier, Duolin designs and produces induction generators in 70 models, which power output ranging from 2kw to 1500kw at frequencies ranging from 0.5kz to 1.2mhz. The induction melting machine produced by DUOLIN are applied to these materials like aluminum, silver, gold, iron ore fine, stainless steel.

The induction melting machine supplied by Duolin has many features. After the melting, there is no need to purify. The machine needs lower maintenance costs. The new technology can be more safer and cost-effective than traditional way, such gas furnace; no frame, less heat loss and reduce the risk of work injuries. The heat of the machine is accurate and repeatable improve the quality in melting process.

Induction melting machine

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