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The example of high frequency induction heating machine application (1)

Feb 24, 2016

The example of high frequency induction heating machine application (1)

1.Heating (hot forging, shrink fit, melting)

(1) Induction forging is after the workpiece being heated to a certain temperature (different heating temperature according to different materials), through the press, forging bed or other forms to forge the workpiece into other shapes. For example: Case, table embryo, handle, mold accessory, kitchen cutlery products, handicrafts, standard parts, fasteners, machine parts, lock, rivets, drill rod, drill with the hot extrusion and so on.

(2) The shrink fit mainly refer to the heating of the metals, usingthe principle of thermal expansion or thermal melting to make different kind of metals or metal and nonmetals together. For example: computer radiator copper and aluminum, horn buried net value of welding, steel-plastic composite pipe, aluminum foil seal, motor rotor, electric pipe sealing and so on.

(3) Heating melting mainly refers to the high temperature melting metal, the metal can be melted into the liquid, which are mainly for iron, steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, and a variety of precious metals such as gold, silver melting.

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