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The example of induction heating machine application (3)

Mar 02, 2016

Induction heating treatment are mainly to make the welding material melted through heating them into a certain temperature. Thus the two different materials or same materials can be joint together. The induction brazing and welding machine can be applied in many industrial areas. There are the specific application:

1. The brazing and welding of the hardware tools: diamond cutter, abrasive tools, drilling tools, alloy saw blade, hard alloy lathe tool, milling cutter, planer tools, and others;

2. The brazing and welding of the hardware machine parts: Hardware bathroom products, refrigeration copper fittings, lighting accessories, precision mold parts, metal handle, whisk steel and copper, copper and copper equivalent metal or dissimilar metals silver brazing;

3. Electric kettle (electric coffee pot) of the heating plate is mainly used for welding stainless steel flat brazing.

induction brazing and welding machine

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