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The function of the high frequency induction hardening equipment

Apr 20, 2016

We often talk about the high frequency induction heating machine, high frequency induction annealing machine, high frequency induction hardening machine, these three equipment are the indispensable machine in the normal industry. As to the high-frequency hardening machine, which is different from the other two equipment. Here are the function of the high frequency hardening machine.

Hardening is a metal heating treatment technology which heat the workpieces up to a certain temperature and last for a period of time, then put the workpieces into the quenching medium to cool it rapidly. The common quenching medium has saline water, water, mineral oil, air,etc. The hardening technology can improve the stiffness and wear-resistance of the metal workpieces, and it is widely applied to make the gears, roller, carburization and other hard-wearing workpieces. 

frequency induction hardening equipment

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