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Duolin Induction Heating Products
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The Induction Hardening Process

May 04, 2016

With the fast development of the auto industry, the parts produced by the high frequency induction hardening is increasing constantly. At present, the material used for the induction hardening parts includes 45#, 40Cr, 55MnVS, 40MnB, 42CrMo, 35# and cast alloy iron. In order to adapt the volume production, in the auto production application, the induction hardening machine is changing from the traditional specialized equipment to flexible unit equipment.

As to the induction hardening machine, the numerical control hardening machine has a stable movement speed, accuracy location, high repeat precision. The rotate of the workpieces adopts the frequency control and can suit for various process requirement. As to the specialized hardening machine, which adopt the power pulse allocation technology, free tailstock top technology, slim hardening transformer technology, independent suspension technology and balancing technique. It can monitor the voltage, current, frequency, time and pressure of the hardening technique parameter.

Induction Hardening machine

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