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Incorrect Selections of Medium Frequency Induction Heating Equipment

Dec 31, 2015

In the process of purchase of medium frequency induction heating equipment, most users have some misunderstandings on the selections of the equipment.

1.Pay attention to power and ignore frequency

When the standard parts, fasteners and other parts whose diameters are above 60mm are to be heated, medium heating equipment is the best choice. If you still use high frequency equipment, the parts may not be thoroughly heated, which will not only reduce the efficiency of the machine but also reducing die life. As a result, the cost is increased virtually.

2.Pay attention to model and ignore power

Some people may confuse the medium frequency induction heating machine of single-phase input current 120A~I and that of input power 120KVA which are both called 120 machine.

3.Pay attention to output and ignore import

Ignoring the efficiency and power consumption of the medium frequency induction heating equipment will lead to the huge increase of cost.

Medium Frequency Induction Heating Equipment

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