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Duolin Induction Heating Products
Duolin Induction Heating Products
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Heat Treatment Technology-Induction Heating

Jul 14, 2016

Heat treatment usually includes three procedures-heating, heat preservation and cooling. But sometimes only heating and cooling are enough. These procedures must be handled continuously and cannot be interrupted.

Heating is one of the important procedures. There are a lot of heating methods of metal heat treatment. In earliest time, charcoal and coal are the heat source and then liquid and gas fuels. Well, induction heating is easy to control and environmental friendly. With there heat sources, we can not only directly heat metals but also indirectly heat floating particles after the metal is melted.

During the process of induction heating metals, workpieces are often exposed to the air and oxidized, which has bad influence on the surface performance of the processed workpieces. Consequently, metals' induction heat treatment should be handled in the controllable air, shielded gas, fuse salt or vacuum. It can also adopt protective heating like coating or packaging methods.

Long Bar Induction Heat Treatment Machine

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