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Duolin Induction Heating Products
Duolin Induction Heating Products
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The application in making the cables of the induction heating equipment

Mar 18, 2016

The high frequency induction heating equipment, which is also called high frequency induction heating machine, HF induction heating device, HF induction heating supply, HF induction heating welding machine. It has the following advantages such as fast-heat, energy saving, small size, easy to install and operate, safe and reliable, etc, and also has a widely application. 

With the fast development of the Internet, 3G and multimedia application, there is a demand of the transmit ability and cross ability with large handling capacity. Optical fiber communications has been through 20 years. Market is the lifeline of the industries, the price is the lifeline of the enterprise. How to reduce the cost, improve the quality of the product are of great important to every enterprise. And the application of the HF frequency induction heating can help them to realize their goal.

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