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Duolin Induction Heating Products
Duolin Induction Heating Products
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Delivery of Induction Heating Machine (Model SSF-250) to Argentina

Jan 13, 2016

On 5th Jan. 2016, CHENGDU DUOLIN ELECTRIC CO., LTD delivered a set of induction heating machine (Model SSF-250) to Argentina.

Part 1: Introduction of Induction Heating Machine---Model:SSF-250

  1. Power Unit

Induction Heating Machine Induction Heating Equipment

2. Layout

Layout of Induction Heating Machine

3. Application : For long bar partial heating.

Testing in our site

Testing of Induction Heating Machine in Our Site Testing of Induction Heating Machine in Our Site

Testing of Induction Heating Machine in Our Site

Testing of Induction Heating Machine in Our Site

Part 2: Packing

Plywood Case with Pallet and Polyfoam Filling which Suitable for Sea Transport

Packing of Induction Heating Equipment Packing of Induction Heating Equipment

Packing of Induction Heating Machine Packing of Induction Heating Machine

Packing of Induction Heating Machine

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