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shears hot forging machine with automatic feeding

Feb 17, 2016

It happened in Shandong province China.


In 2015,a medical instrument group company was looking for induction forging machine for shears to replace the previous furnace(which import from Germany) gas heating, because the gas heating is harmful for environment. They tender for turn-key and automatic feeding heating system, Duolin compete with Inductotherm heating, price is the highest but the customer confirm cooperation with us finally as the turn key service we can offer.


On 20th,Dec,the induction heating machine make production in the factory, the customer very pleased in automatic feeding,touch screen, decided to order more for branch company.


Here below are some pictures showing the project

Heating process and operate with touch screen

Automatic feeding

Heating process

Forged shears(per 8 seconds one piece)

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